Still looking for reputable Mobile App Developer? Want to learn how you can tap on PIC Scheme  to grow your business? Need professional Web Design or E-commerce website? Looking for (CRM) Customer Relationship Management System? Need help with you Content Management System (CMS)? - Let's grow your business with IRAS PIC Grants

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Still looking for reputable Mobile App Developer?
Want to learn how you can tap on PIC Scheme  to grow your business?
Need professional Web Design or E-commerce website?
Looking for (CRM) Customer Relationship Management System?
Need help with you Content Management System (CMS)? - Let's grow your business with IRAS PIC Grants
We found PIC Claim online and was given a free onsite quote to see how we can make use of IRAS PIC grant to grow our business. They recommended that we can increase our sales by having a mobile application and true enough, they built us a mobile app which gave us more business and we got back $24K in PIC grant and PIC bonus cash payout.
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Specialising in Web Design, E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Mobile Application, POS System & Content Management System (CMS)
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Tapping On Productivity and Innovation Credit To Grow Your Business


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Why Choose Us As Your Web Design, E-commerce, CRM, Mobile Apps & CMS Company?
Why You Should Choose Us For Your Technological Solution?
In the contemporary world, many businesses majorly depend on the technological advancement or services. We are a technology company that has been in existence for a long period of time who aims at offering solutions to technological problems of a company. We offer varied services such as web design, or we could develop and design you an E-commerce related website. We also offer mobile application development, Customer Relationship Management, (CMS) systems and Content management Systems. All these are meant to promote the business prosperity in terms of increased customers. You should choose us as your technological solution company because;

1. We Develop User-Centered Websites
Many websites will majorly depend on the outlook, and if it is user friendly, because clients prefer a simple, appealing website that will not be difficult to use when they enter the interface. All these will be dependant on the developers and designers of the site.

Our aim is to create a client-centered design which is built about your brand, the corporate culture and one that appeals to the final user of your website. Having a reliable web design company will ensure you of returns on your investments, mostly if you want to renew your, old, less-captivating website for an appealing one.

2. We Design Plain, Feature-Rich E-Commerce Websites
Many businesses are run online in order to reach more customers at once and reduce their hassle of traveling all the way. We have a policy about each E-Commerce website that we develop and that is;
• An E-Commerce website must have features that are attractive to its target group.
• It must be an easy-to-use site
• The site should also have spontaneous checkout procedures.
• There must be features that help it to sell more and recover all the lost sales.
• There must be an enhanced back-end processing that has features of automation to help the admin to dispatch faster and the clients to be served better.

3. We build a strong Customer Relationship Management
Having a superior CRM system can aid in consolidating and enhancing your sales, marketing, lead generation, customer service support and other business services within one software. We will help you select and customize the perfect system that will be beneficial to your business.
It is vital to choose a company that will comprehend your needs and come up with a plan that will work for your company, this is in relation to the available unlimited options that are in a CRM software. We will design a number of tools that will help your CRM system to boost your customer number.

4. We Develop Paramount Mobile Applications
We are among the leading solution developers and we create innovative configured solutions to help clients with various technological needs. Having the latest platform in mobile phones such us Android, iPhone, and Windows, we have a professional team that tailors the relevant mobile app for our clients’ businesses.
Why SME needs to be on Mobile?
We have a dedicated in-house mobile application development crew that works on whichever operating system, whether it is a simple Android app or a complex, big windows app, you will get served.
5. You will get the Perfect Content Management System
With our company, you will get to select a Content Management System that is compatible to your needs and we will customize it further to take care of the sensitive tasks involved in your business.

A CMS is a system that lets you publish and customize your website digital content easily. They are easy to use since they are structured and are consistent which makes it vital for people to use in their websites. Having a perfect CMS that suits your needs can help you make your site and perform more collaborative publishing, manage documents and newsletters, manage membership, set a different admin access level, and other administrative functions.

Our professional team is well experienced in dealing with all the common platforms such as Magento, Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. We will therefore help you make a comparison between the many options and give you a balanced advice in selecting the paramount CMS for your site.

The technological level does not depend on the machinery that you have, but, the personnel and expertise they are equipped with. Our aim is to offer you with services that will help you boost your business in terms of return on investments and having a flock of customers.
How IRAS PIC Works?
Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) is a great system that is created by Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). This system is very popular among many business owners in this country. If you are a business owner, you may want to learn about how the PIC scheme works. There are some important things that you should know about this scheme. By learning about these items, you should be able to understand the whole system of the PIC scheme. This system is created to encourage all businesses to invest on the productivity and innovation system.

Who Can Get Benefits from PIC Scheme?

Many people want to know about this scheme. This is reasonable because PIC scheme has a lot of benefits for all business owners. This system is mainly created for all small and medium enterprises in Singapore. All businesses are able to get benefits by getting the cash payout and also tax deduction. If you want to improve your business performance and profit, you may want to learn about this PIC scheme and its benefits. You should know that not all businesses are able to get benefits from this system. There are some activities that are specially covered under this scheme.

Top Activities Covered Under This PIC Scheme

There are top 6 activities that are going to be covered by this scheme, including leasing of the PIC automation equipment, intellectual property acquisition, research and development, intellectual property registration, employees training, and also approved design project. In order to check these activities, you are able to visit the official website of the IRAS Singapore. There are some important information that you can read from this official site. You should be able to find some activities that may be related with the PIC system. If you want to know how to get benefits from this system, you should learn more about some business types that can go well with this scheme.

Benefits for All Business Owners

There are many benefits that are offered by this scheme. Because of these benefits, you should learn about this scheme, so you can improve your profit significantly. Here are two main options that are offered by the IRAS Singapore for all business owners in this country. You should choose the best package that is suitable for your needs.
IRAS PIC Grow SME in Singapore
1. Tax deduction

The PIC system allows you to have up to 400% tax deduction on your expenditure from all eligible activities. This deduction is able to cover up to $400,000 expenditure per year for every activity. You need to read the detailed information about this tax deduction from the official site of IRAS. This tax deduction is very useful to help all business owners reduce the total amount of tax that they are going to pay to the Singapore government.

2. Cash Payout

This is another option that is available for all business owners. You are allowed to convert your expenditure of up to $100,000 from all activities per year of assessment (YAs). All converted expenditure is not tax deductible. You should also know that the cash payout system is non-taxable. In order to get this option, you have to hire at least 3 local Singapore employees. The employees should have Singapore citizens or PRs. The current business should have operations in Singapore.

How to Claim PIC scheme?

a. Tax Deduction

It is not a difficult thing to claim for the tax deduction or cash payout option. You are able to claim the tax deduction to get tax return from your income. All companies should submit the income tax return before the due date on November, 30. The partnership or sole proprietor should submit the income tax return before the due date on April, 15.

b. Cash Payout

Before you can claim for this option, you need to download the PIC cash payout application form. This form is available on the IRAS website. There are some guidelines on how you can fill out this application form. Don't forget to submit the form before the due date.

They are some important information that you should learn about PIC grants scheme. This scheme becomes very important for all business owners. Your company can get a lot of benefits from this system. It is specially created to help all business owners develop their businesses easily. Visit the official site of the IRAS Singapore to learn more about this system.
PIC - Cash payout or tax deduction?

Infographic - What Mistakes To Avoid When Claiming IRAS PIC Grant

How IRAS PIC Can Benefit You?
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore regulates everything that is related with the revenue, tax, and some other things in Singapore. There are many people who need to learn about this subject. Some people want to learn about the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme. You can get a lot of benefits from the IRAS PIC in Singapore. Because of these economic benefits, many people want to create this scheme properly. It is important to do all procedures to submit this PIC application to the official IRAS staff members. Here are some benefits that are offered by this PIC scheme.

1. Tax Deduction

This is the first benefit that you can get after you submit your IRAS PIC application. You are able to enjoy 400% tax deduction for up to $400,000 of your annual spending every year. It means that you are going to get tax deduction for up to $1.6 million for each activity per year. It is a great tax deduction solution for all Singapore people who want to reduce their tax significantly. It is a legal way to get tax deduction from the IRAS. You are able to combine all spending activities during the period, so you can get maximum tax deduction.

There are several tips that you can follow, so you can claim the tax deduction. You need to fill the application before the due date (30 November for company, 15 April for sole-proprietorship company). Don't forget to calculate the total amount of tax deduction that you are going to get from your spending activities. This tax deduction can be combined with other income tax return. All documents should be submitted to the IRS Singapore before the due date. It is important to submit everything in advance. Partnerships and Sole-proprietors usually need to submit the PIC tax deduction declaration form to the IRS.

2. Cash Payout

This is another benefit that is offered by IRAS PIC. All eligible businesses are able to convert up to $100,000 of their expenditure to non-taxable cash payout. You can get this cash payout from six different qualifying activities. The cash payout rate is about 60% of the total expenditure occurred during the period. This option is very useful to help all small business owners grow their businesses easily. The Singapore government is planning to give full support to all business owners who want to develop their small business quickly. You need to check the eligibility status of your business before applying for this application.

There are several requirements that all business owners should meet before they can apply for this cash payout option. All expenditures should occur during the basis period of the qualifying year of assessment (YA). The business should be active in Singapore. This is another requirement that you should have for your business. You should also have at least 3 different local employees in your company. The business should contribute the CPF for the payroll of at least 3 different local employees in specific months. This rule is created to help all Singapore citizens to achieve their career goals easily.

3. PIC Bonus

It is important to know that you don't need to apply for this bonus. The IRAS is going to compute your bonus automatically. This official will tell you about your PIC bonus that you are going to receive.
IRAS PIC Bonus Payout Chart
Those are some important things that you need to know about IRAS PIC. There are many other benefits that you can get from this system. You need to learn how to claim or apply all bonuses from PIC. Make sure that you know the right procedure on how you do all procedures above. You can also consult with some professional experts. There are some people who are ready to help you do all of those procedures based on the right rule in Singapore. All procedures can be done in a few weeks when they are done correctly.

How Do I Qualify For IRAS PIC? Infographic

We are specialists in Web Design, E-commerce, CRM, Mobile Apps, CMS, POS System & PIC Grant

We are specialists in Web Design, E-commerce, CRM, Mobile Apps,
CMS, POS System & PIC Grant

Need help with IRAS PIC Claim? Call our hotline now
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